Cabinet Features

  • Break glass plexiglass, custom breaker hammer, locked top mechanism with set of keys and access to inside the unit.
  • Available in white powder coated corrosive resistant galvanized steel 
  • Red vinyl decals: EMERGENCY OVERDOSE KIT
  • Made in the USA

Overdose fatalities among persons of all ages are becoming increasingly regular in the news. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 109,000 Americans overdosed on drugs in a single year in 2022. Naloxone, sometimes known as Narcan, is stored in this overdose emergency cabinet and is available to the general public. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends overdose victims to take Naloxone anytime an overdose occurs. This cabinet is a NEW product in 2023 and will be seen more and more. It is exceptionally engineered designed and will avoid fatal overdosing.

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    Proudly Made in the USAOur plant, located in southern Minnesota, produces a complete line of surface mounted, semi recessed and recessed AED and Fire Safety Cabinets. AED and Fire Safety cabinets made at Modern Metal Products are distributed globally. Modern Metal Products cabinets are made in the USA.
    We build our products as though people's lives depended upon them. And they do.