Machine Operation

Whether your need is a prototype or full production run, Modern Metal Products offers a wide variety of services focused on meeting your needs. We are truly a full service company sustaining winning relationships with customers in industries including automotive and industrial products, graphic arts, computer technology and home security. We fabricate, finish, assemble and ship from our modern facility in Owatonna, Minnesota. Our experienced Engineering Department utilizes SolidWorks 3D CAD Design software to develop or assist in your design needs.

Our fabrication and finishing equipment is operated by a dedicated staff committed to producing quality products for “on-time” requirements. We have a variety of painting capabilities. Our automated, high capacity powder paint line system produces durable and quality parts while remaining eco-friendly.

We implement quality control procedures, but realize that inspectors don’t yield quality – disciplined manufacturing processes do. At Modern Metal Products we combine discipline, technology and a commitment to service. The result is quality parts. It’s a winning combination for the customer and Modern Metal Products.

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Facilities and Equipment Highlights

We are excited to showcase our cutting-edge equipment that underpins our commitment to precision and excellence across manufacturing processes.

Fabrication Equipment: Our suite includes a range of powerful machines such as the ACCU SHEAR for 10-gauge materials, the impressive KOMATSU 165 TON PUNCH PRESS, and the STRIPPIT 1000S CNC with 33 stations and 30-ton capacity, boasting accuracy within +-.004″. With additional machinery like the STRIPPIT SUPER 30 Single Station Punch Press, JOHNSON Punch Press (100 tons), Mazak OptiPlex CHAMPION 3015 FIBER, Safan Darley Press Brakes, and HAEGER Press models, we ensure diverse fabrication capabilities. Explore our list for more specialized equipment.

Welding Equipment: The welding prowess is elevated through advanced equipment including Lincoln and Miller TIG Welders, Acetylene Welding and Cutting Torch, and the high-performance 350 AMP Lincoln Power MIG with TIG attachments. We also offer SPOTWELD ACME 75 KVA and SCIACKY 150 KVA Spot Welders.

Grinding and Finishing Equipment: For impeccable finishing, we possess a range of tools like Belt Sanders, Air Disc Grinder, Orbital Sanders, Heavy Duty Air Grinders, Dynafiles, and more. Explore the list to uncover the full array.

Cleaning and Paint: Our cleaning and painting solutions are sophisticated, comprising a 5-stage Clean/Rinse Treatment, Powder Paint Line with advanced features, and a Batch Oven, ensuring meticulous results.

Assembly: The assembly process is streamlined with tools like Air Power Rivet Guns, Samuel P725 Banding Machine, ARPAC Shrink Wrapper, Gator Floor Scale with digital readout, Cordless Drills, and Advel Briv Riveters, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Engineering: Our engineering capabilities include Radan 2021 CAD/CAM Software with specialized modules for CNC Turrets and laser profiles. We also use Solidworks 2019 for design and modeling, along with robust internet and email capabilities.

Inspection Equipment: To ensure uncompromised quality, our inspection equipment features the advanced Virtek LASERQC ATM 1200 Scanner, precision measurement tools like Granite Inspection Tables, Height Gages, Calipers, Thread Gauges, and Micrometers. Explore our full list for a comprehensive view.

This is just a glimpse of our exceptional equipment offerings. For the complete and detailed list, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated quality teams. They are ready to provide you with comprehensive information and address any inquiries you may have. Your interest in our facilities and equipment is greatly appreciated.


Proudly Made in the USAOur plant, located in southern Minnesota, produces a complete line of surface mounted, semi recessed and recessed AED and Fire Safety Cabinets. AED and Fire Safety cabinets made at Modern Metal Products are distributed globally. Modern Metal Products cabinets are made in the USA.
We build our products as though people's lives depended upon them. And they do.