PPE Station
Part#: 2000

MMP24X24 PEG BOARD (WHITE) This can be used as a wall mount or a station (contact MMP for more information on the station)
MMP68 CAN HOLDER (2-1/4” DIAMETER 2”) Can be used to hold hand sanitizer or spray disinfectant.
MMP10 SINGLE HOOK 90 DEGREE BEND (1” X 3/16”) Used to hold a spray bottle.
MMP90 CARD HOLDER- Used for holding a note pad or gloves.
PPE2010 GLOVE BOX, (P/N 209728) Used for holding a box

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Adjustable Mask Box Holder
Part #: PPE2020

Glove Box Holder
Part#: PPE2010
Available in with MegaPeg hooks or wall mounting holes.


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